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Ashleigh Scarlet .♡◠‿◠♡
"I will be your heroin. The side effects are sexual. Are you down for a taste?"

I'm a sane form of crazy. 26. Australian. Femme. Curvy. Dreamer. Sweetheart. Perverse. Loving. Passionate. Intense. Affectionate. Sassy. Perfectionist. Tactile. Loyal. Introspective. Friends & Family orientated. Nocturnal. Romantic. Lingerie enthusiast. Shoe fiend. Caffeine junkie. 90's lover. Makeup aficionado. Dancing is my ultimate passion. Intelligence is the biggest turn on. Nudity is beautiful. Honesty & manners are a must. Seeker of deep emotional connections. I'm a sucker for passionate & creative people. Collector of beautiful things. I am an enigma. My personality is at war with itself, a clash of different genres trying to live harmoniously together. I love all things feminine, flirty, glamorous & cute but I equally love alternative, quirky, edgy & dark things. Teeth marks & kisses on my neck make me melt. Inspire me. Intrigue me. Indulge me. With your mind and then your body. I'm on a constant journey of self discovery and personal growth. I'll be the sweet to your sour and the spice to your sugar. Keep it cheeky & classy babes. xoxox

Body positive. LGBTQ positive. Sex positive. Feminism. Equal rights. Pro choice.
Makeup inspiration.

Makeup inspiration.

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